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Professor Cai Xu appointed as Technology Advisor of ModelingTech
August 08,2023

Professor Cai Xu is a distinguished professor at the School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is also the Executive Deputy Director of the National Energy Smart Grid Research and Development Center, Vice Dean of the Energy Research Institute at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Director of the Wind Power Center. Additionally, he serves as a committee member for various societies such as the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, Power Electronics Society, and Automation Society, as well as being the President of the Shanghai Power Supply Society.

Professor Cai's research focuses on renewable energy power conversion and grid integration technology, as well as high-power power electronics and power system control. His work primarily involves research on wind power converters and control, DC grid converters, large-scale wind power DC grid integration, and high-voltage direct-coupled energy storage converters.

ModelingTech is a high-tech company specializing in real-time simulation of power electronics and new energy. After years of development, the company has overcome significant technological barriers in power electronics real-time simulation, achieved nationwide commercialization of related products, and successfully applied its products and technologies in universities, enterprises, and research institutes within the industry.

To support the further development of the company, ModelingTech has invited Professor Cai Xu to serve as its technical advisor, providing guidance based on cutting-edge research and industry trends in power electronics.

Professor Cai Xu and his team from Shanghai Jiao Tong University were invited to visit ModelingTech, where they were warmly received by Mr. Wang Xinxing, the General Manager of ModelingTech. During the visit, Mr. Wang introduced the company's development history, main products, technological advantages, industry position, and market prospects. Both parties had in-depth discussions and exchanges regarding cooperation in emerging applications such as high-voltage direct-coupled energy storage and network-type inverters.



Professor Cai Xu fully acknowledges and appreciates the achievements of ModelingTech in the field of real-time simulation, both in terms of technological breakthroughs and market expansion. He gladly accepts the invitation from ModelingTech to serve as a technical advisor. He hopes that both parties can engage in further collaboration in cutting-edge research on power electronics. Additionally, he holds high expectations for the future development of ModelingTech and encourages the team members to continue their efforts in pushing the boundaries of core technologies in real-time simulation, aiming to become an internationally renowned technology company in this field!

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