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Real-time Simulation Pujiang Forum - ModelingTech User Conference.
September 05,2023

With years of technical expertise and innovative exploration in the field of real-time simulation for renewable energy in the power sector, ModelingTech has grown into a leading domestic brand that has achieved localization of both hardware and software for core real-time simulation technology. As a result, it has garnered extensive attention from both within and outside the industry. In order to assist users in better coping with the increasing challenges of large-scale simulation and testing of renewable energy systems under comprehensive deployment of carbon neutrality goals, ModelingTech has launched the Real-time Simulation Pujiang Forum - ModelingTech User Conference.

For this user conference, ModelingTech has invited numerous industry experts and scholars as keynote speakers, forming a strong lineup to jointly explore new technologies and applications in the fields of renewable energy generation, microgrids, novel power systems, and electrified transportation. The conference incorporates a series of thematic activities, including keynote speeches, new product launches, advanced training for industrial customers, cutting-edge demo displays, and a unique Pujiang River cruise for networking, allowing participants to establish connections with peers while fully enjoying this technological feast.


Conference Data:2023.9.22-23

Conference Venue:Shang Hai Sheng Nuoya Huang Guan Holiday Hotel


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