Fossil energy is drying up day by day, and the extensive use of fossil energy has had a negative impact on the environment. With the proposal of carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, the proportion of photovoltaic, wind power and other new energy sources in energy supply will continue to increase. As new energy power generation is obviously affected by the environment, such as light, wind speed and so on, the research on energy scheduling and stability of power grid becomes more important.

StarSim HIL Simulation Solution


1.The research and development cycle of micro grid that completely uses physical objects is long. There are many preliminary preparations, and it is often difficult to troubleshoot problems due to the high coupling between hardware problems and software problems;

2.Microgrid system usually has large scale,includes several converters,controllers and dispatch units,and different modules need to be able to communicate with each other.These model characters request HIL RT simulator has large scale simulation capacity,scalability and high performance communication.

3.Different components have different modeling requirements.For simulate converter switch and motor operating characteristic,request simulator is able to simulate power electronic converter and motor in small step.Beside,EMS and dispatch have no requirements of small step simulation,but need complex and large scale calculation.


Using ModelingTech Real-Time Simulator combine with ModelingTech Rapid Controller Prototype,can achieve simulate inverters detail model of microgrid,and inverters controlling core research(nano-second level inverter small step simulation).Large scale substation level microgrid simulation based on real time simulator MT 8020 which is brand new ultra computing platform.Combine with subsystem controlling and EMS based on MT 1070 rapid controller prototype.

1.Inverters controlling core research based on HIL real-time simulator


2.For dispatch manage research,MT 8020 brand new real time simulator use Intel Xeon CPU achieve substation level large scale inverter average model simulation


3.ModelinTech RCP can be used as inverter controller or microgrid Energy Manage System controller



1.Covering users major research directions.By using HIL simulation,researchers are able to pay more attention to energy dispatch,inverters controller algorithm or system stability researches,instead of hardware,promote develop schedule.

2.Multiple simulators parallel computing make substation level large scale detail model simulation possible.A single simulator can support up to 230 key components,and the number can multiplication by parallel computing.

3.Supports Modbus,CAN and serial communication,it is convenient for simulate communication progress of real application between differents devices.



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