Multilevel Converter

Research Background

As the high-speed develop of technology and rapidly expand of industrial produce scale,therewith the requirement of energy is increasing continuously.Traditional two-level converter cannot match high voltage,high power demands.Hence more and more researchers make deep research and application of multi-level converters gradually.Multi-level converters is a hotpot of grid technology application which provide a new method to achieve high power,high efficiency,high voltage and high power quality transmission.But multi-level converters always along with complex structure,high voltage,it’s inefficiency,expensive and dangerous to test with physical hardware platform.Therefore by using HIL Real-Time simulation,achieves a efficient ,convenient,safety and accuracy test.And this test method becomes a  major certify test form.

Starsim HIL Simulation Solution


■ Request super fast CPU computation speed and ultra-high FPGA calculation precision

■ Multiple simulators parallel computing cascaded by optical fiber

■ Massive number of analog and digital IO ports requirement

■ Supports several communication method in industrial,such as Modbus,CAN,serial


Multi-level converter system usually has complex topology,with plenty of high speed switch components and some power system components.There are several challenges to achieve such scale Real-Time simulation.Modeling-Tech Real-Time simulator,which can simulate switches detail model under 1us simulation step.This small step simulation method can simulate multi-level converter system operating characteristics with high accuracy ,high stability and high speed.Besides, Modeling-Tech simulators achieve large scale multi-level converter system with massive number of analog & digital ports requirement by using multiple real-time simulator optical fiber cascade parallel simulation.Modeling-Tech simulator has widely used in simulation of  cascade PWM STATCOM,high voltage converter,power electronic transformer,MMC.



  Under us FPGA simulation step can simulate multi level converter operating characteristic with high accuracy ,high stability and high speed

 ■ Supports CPU combine with FPGA simulation,achieve large scale system RT simulation in a single simulator

 ■ Multiple simulator cascade parallel computing achieve ultra large scale system RT simulation.

 ■ Low delay and high precision signal transportation ensure the correct result of multi level converter controller verification test


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