Renewable Energy

Research Background

As the progress and development of the time and technology, the ratio of new energy power generation has continually increased,distributed power generation and usage brings a more complex control system requirement,especially the inverter system in power generation part.Inverter system research needs connected with a complex micro-grid or a massive grid,doing a series power electronic algorithm and function test .Test the inverter system by using physical equipment require a large investment in resource,space,time,and cannot do a flexible test.These disadvantage above not conducive with detailed,efficient,reliable and safe R&D.Using Real-Time simulation test inverter control algorithm and system certify,reduced investment and time costs.

StarSim HIL Simulation Solution


1. the switch frequency of inverter switches ranging in thousands hertz,require a small step simulation,cost a lots of time in computer simulation .

2. The number of test items are massive,grid-connected standard test(*) is hard to test by using physical model.

3. The physical model of Large scale new energy power generation station,large scale distributed power generation needs a lots of investment,and computer simulation cost a plenty of time.

4. Computer simulation is unable to connect with physical controller.Full physical model test exist a extent risk.

5. Computer simulation is unable to test communication,cannot test power system dispatch control algorithm.

6. The number of Variables that need be Monitored and recorded is massive,it’s hard to manage in physical test.

7. Faced to special circuit or topology model ,physical test is hard to start a test rapidly.

8. Physical test cost a lots of time,test result is hard to retest,manage and processing.

*:Data post-processing of  grid/low voltage ride through and grid impedance analysis.

Solution of HIL Simulation Test

Modeling-Tech Real-Time simulator combines the CPU and FPGA structure simulation, is able to achieve small step RT simulation under nanosecond level and PCS,PV,wind turbine system RT simulation under microsecond level.



1. Small step Real-Time simulation cost less time and provide high accuracy result.

2. A plenty of items can be tested by HIL simulator,with several result record methods,can record the result waveform within the host computer.

3. Large scale circuit simulation is easy to establish,it’s propitious to repeated or long during time test.

4. HIL simulator can test combine with controller through physical IO interface,is able to test the algorithm of the controller.

5. HIL simulator supports several communication,such as CAN,Modbus TCP,Modbus RTU,Serial.

6. MT 6040,MT 8020 Real-Time simulator equipped with BNC interface to convenient monitor and record every signal in&out.All series Real-Time simulator is able to multi-simulator parallel simulation,IO ports extension, to satisfied more IO ports or larger scale simulation requirement.

7. Any kinds of topology circuit model can be simulated on RT simulator,supports new type topology verify test requirement.

8. Support automatical test running and report creation,make test process more efficient.


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