Electric Motor Drive Controller Test

Research Background

As the target of carbon peaking ,carbon neutral update to national strategy,social economic turn to green development.Make a big development of renewable energy vehicle is an important measure.Electric motor drive is an important component of renewable energy vehicle,the research and development of it is a vital link of renewable energy vehicle development progress.High efficiency D&R(develop and research) mode is contribute to accelerate D&R progress.As the development of Real-Time HIL Simulation technology,make HIL test used in electric drive development D&R progress possible.


Application Challenge

Conventional D&R progress needs establish hardware platform which cost plenty of time.It is usually impossible to test the controller before the hardware established or during change hardware platform.Offline simulation lack of physical IO interface,it is hard to verify physical controller,but HIL test can,synchronize the hardware platform and controller development.Physical platform test needs numerous testing equipment,parts of working status such as inverter faults,over current fault are hard to recurrent.In the early stage of inverter controller D&G,usually has weak robustness,there is certain risk in the test progress.By using HIL test which is able to change any topology,set different test condition,can accelerate D&G progress.

StarSim HIL Solution

ModelingTech self developed HIL platform adopts the FPGA+CPU architecture,can simulate PMSM,asynchronous machine and other various motor models in small step.HIL platform has a variety of communication interfaces,is convenient for test communication function of controller.Rich physical in&out ports includes analog output ports,digital input ports,supply a hardware foundation of small step simulation.


Simulation Target

CPU Simulate Battery Model

Renewable energy vehicle usually use  the battery as the inverter DC side power supply.Some parameters of Battery such as SOC,output current can influence the terminal voltage.On the other hand,inverter usually working at energy feedback condition.


ModelingTech self developed HIL platform adopts the FPGA+CPU architecture,supports simulate battery model in CPU and supports user defined battery mathematics model,achieve multi-type battery simulation.

FPGA Solver Simulate Any Topology Inverter

ModelingTech self developed FPGA solver can simulate any topology inverter.Front stage boost inverter and back stage DC/AC inverter can be built according to the users requirements.


Supports Electric Motor Model

Linear Motor Model

Motor inductance is a constant,it is easy to establish model and start simulation,only needs type in motor parameters.Supports PMSM,AC induction motor and other type motors.


CPU Users Defined Electric Motor

Users can establish electric motor mathematics formula model on CPU,load simulation topology on FPGA.In this way, can accomplish different types motors simulation which has more flexibly than linear motor simulation.


Non-linear Motor Model

Physical motor exist non-linear inductance ,space harmonic and other problems,a motor detail model can be established by professional motor modeling software,such as ANSYS ECE model.

As shown in the figure below,the dq-axis current has significant nonlinearity with the change of dq-axis flux.



  • Supports rich type of motor position sensors,includes hall,encoder,resolver,users can configure sensor according to actual requirements.


  • High speed sampling and extreme low delay:Motor drive inverter switching frequency always above 10kHz,accurate sampling of the PWM signals is very important.ModelingTech HIL platform provides 10MHz sampling rate digital input ports,and the delay of DI ports transport to FPGA is extreme low.


  • Supports ModbusCAN and serial communication,it is convenient for simulate communication progress of real application between differents devices.


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