Traction Motor Test

Research Background

Electric motor is broadly used in city railway transit now, especially traction  motor.At this condition,testing of traction motor controller is more and more important.In traditional traction motor test,there are some problems:expensive physical motor,high risk,construction cost,testing cost.Thus HIL(Hardware in the loop) testing is a better choice.By using HIL Real-Time testing can rapidly,efficiently,safety,economically accomplish traction motor controller test. Beside, by using this test form,quickly change motor type and start a new test become possible.



◆ High precision motor simulation,indicate the simulation result accurately.

◆ Simulator Needs to support Multi type motor, meet the needs of different customers.

◆ High precision analog and digital in/outport,be able to process PWM and encoder signal in high speed.

◆ Low delay signal transportation, ensure that the motor controller test results are correct.

StarSim HIL Simulation Solution

Traction motor simulation testing not only include high speed switch component,but also accurate output encoder signal.Modelintech provides StarSim Real-Time simulator,based on power electric component detail mode,combines with newest FPGA technology,achieves 1us simulation step,any topology,multi-type motor,any working condition power electric Real-Time simulation.StarSim simulator is widely used in certify new topology,controller strategy,motor drive Real-Time simulation.

By using StarSim HIL PC software,users can easily download motor simulation topology file into Real-Time simulator.By mapping the IO channels,confirm the signal flow direction,then start the testing.Motor controller test construction as below:


motor controller test construction


◆ StarSim FPGA Motor Library support DC, BLDC, Three-phase PMSM, Six-Phase PMSM, AC, DFIG, and motor customize according to users request.

◆ High precision motor model simulate in us-level step, accurately simulate motor working characteristic.

◆ Support 2 three-phase PMSM or 2 AC squirrel cage motor simulate in FPGA at the same time.

◆ Support motor position sensor includes encoder,hall,resolver.

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