Motor Control System

The control algorithms written in the graphical languages (Simulink or LabVIEW) can be directly downloaded to the prototype controller with MT RCP system. Users only need to map the controller inputs/outputs with the hardware I/O channels. Users can observe variables and waveforms of the RCP controller conveniently on the host computer, and focus on the implementation and debugging of the control algorithms. MT RCP system can help engineers to improve control system performance and shorten the controller development cycle.

Product Features

- Directly Deploy Graphical Control Diagram: Deploy graphical control diagrams to powerful real-time processors which help to save the development efforts of rewriting the algorithms with embedded C language.

- Easy to Debug: The control variables could be observed and tuned on the graphical user interface which makes the system debug easier.

- Customized FPGA algorithms: Users can design customized FPGA algorithms to meet their own control demand.



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