The modular multilevel converter (MMC) is a promising topology for high-voltage high-power applications due to the merits of higher efficiency, superior availability, and lower harmonic distortion. In this topology, it is widely acknowledged that an instrumental role is played as an interface between grid and electronic equipments which are supplied with a direct current link (DC-link) voltage. In this sense, fault tolerance and lack of stability are well-known challenges for MMC.

In order to deal with the challenges for MMC, physical system and HIL simulator are two ways can serve as verification platform. Since physical system with multiple inverters is not easy to set up, a lot of researchers chooes Hardware in the Loop(HIL) simulator to verfiy their control stragety and get experiment data.

StarSim Solution

ModelingTech leverages StarSim real-time simulation technology and high-performance Xilinx FPGA hardware  to provide users a high-speed, accurate, stable and esay-to-use simulation paltform.



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