Innovation Experiment Teaching

The Meaning of Innovate Experiment Teaching

At the modern higher education,training the practice ability of students is payed more and more attention,so the experiment teaching becomes a vital link of science and engineering education.But,as the rapidly increase of experiment items and students,conventional electric laboratory and experiment instrument can hardly satisfied with the demand, so that a hardware in the loop simulation experiment teaching concept has been focused by university construction.Simulation experiment teaching is a kind of virtual teaching system based on software technology, is digital and virtualization of various teaching laboratories,has several advantages:

1. Complementary of physical laboratory

2. Assist scientific research of university

3. Experiment Safety and easy to maintain

Solution based on StarSim HIL

ModelingTech HIL simulation platform aims at providing a experiment and simulation teaching platform which is advance and well-performance to undergraduate and graduate students in electrical-related majors.The innovative experimental base constructed based on the construction scheme can assist undergraduate and graduate students in teaching and scientific research experiments of power electronic technology, motor control, power system, new energy generation technology, relay protection and other related professional courses and design courses. Give consideration to theoretical teaching and scientific research practice, can carry out teaching principle verification, and can also carry out relevant scientific research projects.


Platform Structure

  • Rapid Controller Prototype

Using ModelingTech MT 1030 RCP as the controller,which supports user defined algorithm compiled by Matlab/Simulink,can automatically accomplish code generation,and download to the RCP.Easy to run a new control algorithm,reduce the experiment time cost.

  • Physical I/O interface Block

The simulation signal and PWM signal from HIL simulator and RCP controller are connect by physical I/O interface block.RCP collects the U/I signal which from HIL simulator and output PWM signal after compute to HIL simulator.

  • HIL Real-time Simulator

Using ModelingTech MT 3200 HIL Real-Time simulator run the main electric circuit which can be instituted by Simulink.By using StarSim HIL host software can achieve model interfaces& physical interfaces signal mapping,then download and run the circuit model without compile.

Platform Features

1. assist training innovation and pluralistic personnel

A. Using internationally leading 250ns real time simulation and bare-metal based high speed control technology

B. Adapt to training innovation personnel and excellent engineers requirement,supports design and research experiments

C. All round cultivate experiments analysis and innovation ability of students,achieve graduate students pluralistic training

2. Taking into account the long-term using and utilization rate of laboratory construction

A. Integrated design realizes complete hardware in the loop simulation and rapid control prototype closed-loop system, with small footprint

B. One simulator multi-purpose, suitable for grid connected system real-time drawing and fault experiment, without various platforms or modules switching, to achieve high utilization

C. Support the expansion of optical fiber, and reserve a variety of communication interfaces to help colleges and universities quickly meet the needs of laboratories and realize long-term utilization

3. Achieve the real integration of industry and education

A. Introduce project-based experimental process to enable students to understand the connotation and ideas of conception, design, implementation and operation earlier

B. The content of the experiment covers the achievements of enterprise university industry university cooperation projects, so that students can have a real project (Engineering) experience

C. Experimental courses cover multiple fields and cross disciplinary collaboration. Fully train students' ability of thinking, expression and teamwork

Controller Host Software Introduction


StarSim RCP is a kind of host software of ModelingTech,cooperate with RCP device can conveniently accomplish control algorithm test.

1. Load control model:after the control program compiled,use Simulink>Code Generation to build a file which can be called in StarSim RCP.

2. IO mapping:user defined mode IO interface mapping with the RCP physical IO ports.

3. Model download and run: algorithm model can be downloaded in RCP device via host software StarSim RCP,and running as physical the same time,RCP will transmitted  the data up to host software,convenient to monitor and record,beside support adjust control configuration at running time,help user debug rapidly.

Simulator Software Instruction


StarSim HIL is a kind of configuration type software,support user defined circuit model download to simulator and one-key start simulation,help users accomplish simulation test rapidly.

StarSim HIL is convenient to use, only three steps can achieve offline model simulation to real-time model simulation.

1. Circuit Model download:StarSim HIL has strong compatibility,user defined circuit model can directly download to simulator.

2. IO mapping:user defined mode IO interface mapping with the HIL physical IO ports.

3. simulation running: down load circuit model directly without compile.circuit model can be download to simulator FPGA by StarSim HIL ,while the  circuit operation characteristics data transmitted to the controller,the data will also be transmitted to the host software interface,support online monitor and certainty control algorithm running status.

Experiment DEMO


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