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"By using high precision,easily use,completely data post-processing software HIL platform which is supplied by ModelingTech, we have accomplished plenty of tests that are impossible or low efficient in traditional test methods.Such as L/HVRT,grid-tied test,new function verification.By using this HIL platform,our test efficiency is 10 times higher than traditional way.For some experiments that require repeated testing to obtain the data,HIL platform supplies rapidly,plentiful test data. We are expect StarSim Auto Test function helps us make further efforts of test efficiency! It’s also worth mentioning that the tech-support of ModelingTech is especially in time, help us solve many problems in power electronic simulation.”

—HopeWind Electric Simulation Research Department

Project Profile

Shenzhen HopeWind electric Electric Co., Ltd established in 2007,Shenzhen,China,is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of new energy and electrical transmission,engaged in the research and development,production and sales of wind power generation products,photovoltaic power generation products and industrical transmission products.Now it has become one of the most competitive electrical enterprises in the field of new energy in China,and is the leading enterprise of wind power converter and TOP 10 enterprise of PV inverter in China.

As a technology leader and promoter in the field of new energy, HopeWind Electric has a high-quality core technology research and development team, and constantly achieves high technology breakthroughs. Among them, the Simulation Research Department aims at improving the efficiency of R&D testing,optimizing the simulation platform, keeps digging for new technologies and products. During the research, we found that Modeling-Tech, as a domestic leader in simulation platform R&D, meets the company's requirements both in terms of technical level and service capability, so we introduced Modeling-Tech HIL platform into the process of product R&D and testing of HopeWind Electric.

Project Challenges

Conventional R&D progress, there is a large span between computer simulation and physical test.The sampling delay of physical test is not equal to computer simulation,in the same time ,computer simulation use the average modeling method in order to depress simulation time cost.But ripple can not be simulated by using this method,and the result is different with physical test,it’s hard to debug.

Conventional controller test progress,test only use single signal source to achieve open loop logical test,can not includes all the test class and not suit with whole system certification test.In traditional high power inverter controller test, for safety,the required equipment and experiment conditions are high requirements, requiring many people to assist,this method is time-consuming and laborious.In this method, it’s hard to retest after a fault test,and time consuming for engineers to obtain multiple sets of experimental data.



In order to solve the problems above, ModelingTech supplies a solution by using HIL simulation platform.In this solution the HIL simulator is connect with physical controller through the rich IO interface,the HIL simulator running the circuit model,achieve the close loop complete test of controller.reduce the span between model and physical platform.All of the test projects can be done by one engineer by using ModelingTech HIL simulator ,and the circuit parameters can be changed rapidly, multiple tests can be repeated in a short time,and save all the test data.


In the application of high power wind turbine grid-connected which includes grid side and turbine side converter.The switch frequency of both converter usually ranging in several kilohertz.The simulation step time of CPU based simulation typically in 20~30 us,can not accurate simulate power electronic converter detail model and resolute the PWM pulse duty ratio.In the wind turbine grid-connected impedance test,the transfer function is required,the delay is a vital part of transfer function.In order to acquisition more precision result,the small step simulation is needed to meet the low latency simulation requirements of users applications.

The whole wind turbine generator model not only includes power electronic part but includes some no simulation step time required model,such as torque computing,friction model,is suit to simulate on CPU.Integrated considerate,the Real-Time simulation of wind turbine generator system needs combine large step simulation on CPU and small step simulation on FPGA.

Eventually,ModelingTech supplies a solution that combines CPU&FPGA large&small step simulation based on MT 6040 Real-Time simulator.The combination of the ability to simulate not only power electronic converters in 1us steps (running machine side and network side converters and motors on the FPGA), but also user-defined low-speed (50us) mathematical models (running torque computing model, friction model, and other mathematical models on the CPU), perfectly simulates the entire system.


High Light ▼


StarSim FPGA Solver employ classical and reliable simulation algorithm,the accuracy of simulation result is certified in plenty of applications.

Easy to use

The interface of  ModelingTech host software is simple and easy to use,dispelled all worry of change a Real-Time simulation platform.

Completely data post-processing software

Simulation result waveform data is able to be record by host software, view and analyse by StarSim Analyzer software .

Rich DI&AO channels

MT 6040 includes 64 channels digital imports,which sampling rate are 10M/s;40 channels analog outports,which refresh rate are 1M/s.MT 6040 Real-Time simulator can satisfied users multiple HIL test requirements,such as wind turbine power generators,PV,battery storage,SVG fields.

Multi-type electric motor simulation

ModelingTech HIL software support simulate multi-type electric motor such as DFIG,PMSM,asynchronous machine on FPGA.Besides,the HIL software supports encoder,resolver and hall sensor,satisfied multi-type electric motor simulation and test.

Accomplished Projects

ModelingTech's MT 6040 successfully used in PV,wind turbine converters full power test,low/high voltage ride through,impedance test,weak grid test,accelerates test,R&D of products.


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