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The traditional power system laboratory is not easy to change the system topology and it is dangerous to conduct the fault test. It is also inconvenient to test the renewable energy inverter directly. Therefore, a PHIL real-time simulation system is required to test and research the performance of the grid-connected renewable energy inverter.

Power Hardware-In-the-Loop Solution

This user leverages MT6000 real-time simulation platform, which is connected to the power amplifier through the I/O channels. The real inverter is connected with the power amplifier and the programmable DC source. The whole PHIL system is used to research the influence of the control strategy of grid-connected inverter on the power grid. The schematic diagram of the hardware platform is shown as below:


As shown in the above figure, the real power is flowed between the power amplifier, the inverter and the programmable DC source. The interconnections between these components are shown as below:


PHIL simulation system diagram

Project Description

The field photo is shown as below.  This user tested the inverter's influence on the power quality of distribution grid  by adjusting the control strategy of grid-connected inverter.  Furthermore, the fault condition of the power grid can also be simulated to research the influence of grid-connected inverter.


Field Photo

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