The traditional DSP controller development method has the problems of long developing period and poor hardware reliability. Rapid control prototyping (RCP) helps researchers to develop and verify algorithms more quickly. It shortens the developing period while saving costs and guaranteeing qualities. RCP has great application potential in renewable energy and electric vehicles industries.

The control algorithms written in the graphical languages (Simulink or LabVIEW) (Note: Simulink is the trademark of Mathworks. LabVIEW is the trademark of National Instruments) can be directly downloaded to the prototype controller with StarSim RCP software. Users do not need to rewrite or optimize algorithms on embedded chips. With a verified and ready to run prototype controller, users can accelerate the project development. StarSim RCP software also makes it quite easy for users to create the graphical user interface for their controllers, which helps users to focus on the control algorithm verification.


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