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One of the main uses of a real-time simulator is to form a closed loop with a controller panel via I/O signal or communication, so as to facilitate the testing of low voltage controllers. This form of testing is also called controller hardware-in-the-loop testing (CHIL).

ModelingTech combines multi-core CPU+FPGA hardware technology to deliver its self-developed, internationally-advanced StarSim series real-time simulation software. These  products are configured for operation under mainstream modeling conditions for accurate simulation of any topology and fault condition; for quick and easy operation without compilation. Through the application of ModelingTech's self-developed high-performance hardware product, domestic and foreign colleges and universities are helped to create first-class electrical laboratories conducive to the cultivation of excellence in practical engineering talents; speed up the control algorithms and result validation, scientific research institutions are actually helped to technological breakthroughs and innovations; and high-tech enterprises are helped to advance pre-research in new products to achieve the full coverage testing in a safe and efficient manner.



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