MT 3200 Simulator

MT 3200 is the entry level Real-Time Simulator of ModelingTech, based on FPGA as computing core,achieve 1μs step time simulation.Help university accomplish miniature scale grid simulation and build innovation experiments teaching system.



Technical Parameters



1. Scientific research based on HIL platform

University scientific research team or individual can launch miniature scale power electronic system research safety and efficiently by using ModelingTech MT 3200 Real-Time simulator.(such as PV inverter controller test,PMSG system control testing,vehicle electric motor drive testing).In result of StarSim high performance simulator and ModelingTech professional technical support,more and more research team achieve rapidly accomplish the top-level scientific research achievements.

2. Experiment teaching based on HIL platform

Experiment center of university builds innovativeness experiment base or virtual simulation laboratory(such as power electronic simulation lab,renewable energy power generation simulation lab,electric motor drive lab) .Provide undergraduate or postgraduate  electric major students a simulation teaching and research platform witch has leading technology,high performance,assist them study professional course,course design and research experiments.


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