Paralleled Inverters

Micro-grid is generally classified as a collection of various distributed generation sources (DGs), energy storage systems, and local loads either connected to the main utility grid or operated in islanded mode. Although micro-grid power demands have increased, the ratings of the inverter switching devices are often limited by technical or economic considerations. Thus, multi-inverters operating in parallel are often used to increase the system's capacity. An important research area for islanded micro-grid is the development of a proper control strategy to ensure close voltage regulation and accurate power sharing of each paralleled inverter under different line impedances and system conditions.

In order to solve the problem that physical system with multiple inverters is not easy to set up, a lot of researchers chooes Hardware in the Loop(HIL) simulator to verfiy their control stragety and get experiment data.

StarSim Solution

ModelingTech leverages StarSim real-time simulation technology and high-performance Xilinx FPGA hardware  to provide users a high-speed, accurate, stable and esay-to-use simulation paltform in different research fields. Research concerning paralleled inverters required that HIL platform should have the ability to simulate large and complex power electronics systems.

1. Paralleled FPGA Computing based on PXI-Express Bus


2. Paralleled FPGA Computing based on Fiber Synchronization



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