PV System Anti-Islanding

Islanding is the condition in which a distributed generator continues to power a location even though electrical grid power is no longer present. Islanding can be dangerous to utility workers, who may not realize that a circuit is still powered, and it may prevent automatic re-connection of devices. Additionally, without strict frequency control the balance between load and generation in the islanded circuit is going to be violated, leading to abnormal frequencies and voltages. For those reasons, distributed generators such as PV systems must detect islanding and immediately disconnect from the circuit; this is referred to as anti-islanding.

In order to ensure the operation security of power generation system, anti-landing testing is mandatory for PV inverter controllers. But such kind of testing platform is hard to build because of its high power and huge expense. However, Hardware in the Loop, HIL simulation system provides a feasible way to finish anti-islanding testing for the controller.

StarSim Solution

ModelingTech leverages StarSim real-time simulation technology and high-performance Xilinx FPGA hardware  to provide users a high-speed, accurate, stable and esay-to-use simulation paltform in different research fields.



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