Inverter Impedance Analysis

A large number of voltage source converters (VSCs) have been utilized in distributed generation, HVDC transmission, railway traction drive systems, etc. The interactions between numerous converters and power systems may cause some unstable phenomena including harmonic instability, harmonic resonance and vehicle-grid low-frequency oscillations, which would damage the safe operation of power systems. Therefore, it is particularly essential to analyze the stability of the power electronic converters-based systems. Because the instability of systems mostly occurs at the interaction interface between power electronics-based systems and power grids, they can be equivalent to two independent subsystems, and the whole system stability can be analyzed by the frequency-domain impedance criterion.

A perturbation injection approach based on frequency scanning is a popular method in impedance measurement, it is difficult to build an experimental physical platform for verification and analysis due to the characteristics of high voltage and complex structure of the power electronic systems studied. However, the Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) simulator provides a viable method for completing impedance measurements.

StarSim Solution

ModelingTech leverages StarSim real-time simulation technology and high-performance Xilinx FPGA hardware  to provide users a high-speed, accurate, stable and esay-to-use simulation paltform in different research fields.



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