MT 8020 Simulator


MT 8020, an electric power supercomputing platform built on the high-performance Intel Xeon CPU and Xilinx UltraScale FPGA, facilitates access to the simulation testing applications of electric and power electronics systems such as those for renewable energy inverters, multilevel converters, motor-driven systems and micro-grids.

Detailed Highlights

● CPU real-time simulation capability with power supercomputing performance

Equipped with a 8-Core 3.8 GHz super CPU processor, with a single CPU core configured to support 35 three-phase nodes, 7 three-phase motors and 16 distributed parameter lines, thus realize the power supercomputing performance of the domestic real-time simulation platform.

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● Excellent FPGA capability

Equipped with next gen UltraScale KU115 technology, providing abundant logic resources and DSP Slices, which are suitable for high-performance parallel computation, thus ensuring the real-time simulation of large-scale power electronics power systems.


● Abundant IO and communication interfaces

Abundant IO channels and more flexible IO combination configurations, conducive to simulation testing in large-scale power electronics systems.


System Architecture


Technical Parameters


Hardware Interface


Intended Applications


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