MT 1070 RCP

A mature prototype platform allows for the direct control of actual hardware and rapid verification of application layer algorithms!


MT 1070 RCP, as a flagship rapid control prototype independently developed by ModelingTech, has an ample number of analog input interfaces and PWM output interfaces, and a wide range of digital level access, and is suitable for large-scale power electronic system control applications such as parallel inverters and multi-level converters.

Platform Advantages

Short Cycle: Rapid deployment of control algorithms without the need for low-level programming greatly shortens the development cycle

Less Errors: Possible errors and defects are reduced/eliminated early in development 

Wide Application: Ample resources, suitable for a variety of application scenarios

Easy to Learn: Compatible with mainstream model files and can generate code quickly

Highlights and Details


Large-Scale System Control

With 64 PWM channels and 32 AI channels per single machine, the product is suitable for  the control requirements of multi-inverter and multi-level systems.


50K High-speed Control

Based on exposed-core technology, the product offers high speeds and low latency, solving the problem of high-switching frequency control.


Powerful SIMULINK model support capabilities

The simulink model is compiled and downloaded with one click to quickly realize code iteration.


Ample IOs and communication interfaces

The product has an ample amount of IO ports and a variety of industrial communication interfaces to meet the requirements of industrial-grade power hardware control .


Strong Usability

The product can realize online parameter adjustment and customizable monitoring interface, doubling the number of controls.

Technical Parameters


Application Scenarios

1.High-speed control of new electric power electronic devices

With the emergence of new switching devices such as SiC, the PWM control frequency in power electronics applications is higher and higher, and concurrently, the operating speed for control algorithms is also required to be faster and faster. With regards to preliminary product research, RCP controllers can quickly achieve the functionality of high-performance controllers and verification of control effects.

2.Large-scale system control 

More and more power electronic equipment has been applied to large-scale power electronic systems such as hybrid AC/DC micro-grids, multi-inverter coordinated control for renewable energy station systems, multi-level systems, etc. MT 1070 is favored by researchers in the field of large-scale system control because of its copious amount of analog input interfaces and PWM output interfaces.

3.Motor control

The product employs an RCP controller independently developed by ModelingTech, which supports users in writing control algorithms through MATLAB/Simulink, enabling them to complete automatic code generation and download. The products requires no low-level programming and is easy to operate, reducing an enterprise's expenses in preliminary product research or study-related expenses incurred through motor control experiments by college students. 

4.Renewable energy power generation control

At present, the control and stable operation of renewable energy power generation is a hot research topic. Traditional DSP controllers are very limited and the readability of control algorithms is poor. A method based on an RCP controller with the addition of a physical power module can not only allows for the cognition of actual hardware operation, but also the convenient change of control algorithms for verification, thus being an ideal platform for scientific research verification and teaching practice.

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