MT 6040 Simulator


MT 6040 is the flagship HIL real-time simulator independently developed by Shanghai Modeling-tech Energy Technology Co., Ltd, which has a wealth of Analog output and a wide range of Digital input. It is suitable for scientific research and industrial test applications of large-scale power electronic systems such as parallel inverters and multilevel converters.



1. The simulation platform equipped with the hybrid modeling method of LC and RonRoff, which can solve the problem of waveform distortion under high switching control frequency;

2. A single device can supports 40 channels of Analog output, which can meet the signal sampling requirements of 6 inverters at the same time;

3. Wide voltage range Digital input can meet the testing requirements of industrial controllers with a wide voltage range (-25~25V) and effectively protects the equipment;

4. Support more industrial buses and configure CAN port and RS485;

5. It is equipped with 37-pin IO interface on the back panel and aerial plug observation interface on the front panel, which is convenient and tidy, and is convenient for signal connection and observation.

Panel Introduction


Product Parameter


Use Steps

Three steps to complete the transition from offline model to real-time simulation.


Application Scenarios


With the rapid development of renewable energy grid-connected power generation, Flexible HVDC transmission, reactive power compensation and AC drive, Power electronic devices are more and more widely used in power system. These applications involving high-power and complex systems are difficult to complete experiments on the physical platform, however, the MT series real-time simulators have the characteristics of high precision, low latency and arbitrary topology, which can help engineers to carry out the R & D and testing of related applications, save costs and improve efficiency.


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