MT 6020 Simulator



With FPGA as the computing core, MT 6020 can simulate the controlled object with a step size of 1μs, creating a safe and streamlined experiment and testing environment for users in the power and energy industry, helping to quickly verify control algorithms, test failure conditions, and obtain experimental waveforms. It can be initiated in three steps, significantly improving the efficiency inherent in new product technology before researching and controlling algorithm optimization, product iterations, and subsequent testing.

Application Area

■ Multilevel system

■ Inverter testing

■ Microgrid research

Features and Advantages

■ Wide applications

■ Simulations down to the microsecond

■ Arbitrary topology construction

■ Optical fiber synchronous cascades

■ Ultra-large FPGA capacity

■ A large number of AO channels

■ Compilation is not required

■ Professional support

Introduction of Highlights


Technical Parameters Details


Usage Process


Application Scenarios

With the rapid development of connected generation by renewable energy micro-grid, flexible DC transmission, reactive power compensation, and AC drive, power electronics will be widely used in the power system. It is difficult to complete experiments such as high-power and complex power systems on the physical platform because of the high voltage level. HIL simulator can turn power stage test to signal test to solve the problem. Moreover, MT 6020 real-time simulator has characteristics of high-precision, low delay and arbitrary topology, which can help to develop and test controllers in different applications, save costs and improve efficiency.

■ Photovoltaic power generation―grid connection test, high and low penetration test 

■ Wind power generation―high and low penetration test, impedance test

■ Power system―MMC direct current transmission, power router

Micro-grid―micro-grid centralized controller test, power hardware in the loop (PHIL)

Electric vehicle―electric motor simulation, controller in the loop test (CHIL)

Rail transit―traction system and power supply system research

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